“A Different Direction”

So since my last post, I’ve been working in a different musical direction. I’ve taken a little longer than I had hoped, including a change of this very website! I have decided to go back to my dance roots, taking inspiration from my past to take part in my musical future. I love change. I love to experiment vocally and writing. Time to rediscover!

So thank you for your patience while I’m going through my rediscovering phase.

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Influenced by music of a bygone era to the present, Natalie’s musical world is everything that inspired her senses growing up and to this day. Natalie began her music obsession since she was young, buying her first record at the age of 4.

A keyboard bought for her birthday led to Natalie beginning to play by ear. Growing up she tried out dance and music lessons particularly keyboard, piano and violin. Starting vocal lessons, purely for confidence building, Natalie happened to fall in love with the performing side of singing. “I did it because I loved it; it was never about being famous or wanting to be a performer, though I did start singing in the school choir originally to get out of double maths!”

An audition led to a production deal, for an independent recording label in Lancashire where Natalie began recording and writing original material. Unfortunately the deal was eventually to fall through. Picking up the pieces, Natalie began performing in Bars, Showcases and Clubs performing covers. This led to being a support act for 60’s artists Craig Douglas and The Ivy League. With regular airplay on local radio and the internet, Natalie’s music has been featured on BBC Radio 6 with Tom Robinson and BBC Introducing at Hereford and Worcester.

The digital debut release of ‘Feel So Alive’ featured local artists, 12 Man and Savo, later followed by mini EP, ‘Huntress’. Natalie has always felt privileged to perform. As a solo artist she has performed at festivals such as The Worcester Music Festival, Sampad 20 and Snodfest as the ‘BBC Introducing … Sponsored Band’. As a member of the group The Urban Junglee Project, she has performed at festivals such as The Shambala Festival and The Square Festival in Wales on the same bill as Pendulum and Alabama 3.

Besides music, Natalie draws influence from books, art, film, to combining influences from her travels. “My songs are my way of expressing my feelings, whether that it is to create my own story or to a journey of a moment in time. Music has always been the soundtrack to my life and creating music and writing songs are very much a way of life”


‘Huntress’ Album Released:
2010 Redhead Recordings
 Huntress - EP - Natalie West

‘Feel So Alive’ Single EP Released:
2009 Redhead Recordings
  Feel So Alive - EP - Natalie West


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